Devo Time – Gospel Fluency Handbook by Jeff Vanderstelt & Ben Connelly

Many people have underlying areas of unbelief. In Gospel Fluency Handbook, Jeff Vanderstelt & Ben Connelly have compiled an excellent workbook to explore areas of unbelief and how we can overcome through faith in God and a greater understanding of how the Gospel can saturate every area of our lives.
It is very thorough and had 3 readings with reflection questions and small group discussion for each week. Working through this book will allow the reader to be saturated in deep study of God’s Word and God’s desire for us to grow in faith through the power of the Gospel so we can reach the ends of the earth.
There is an emphasis on ares of disbelief that doesn’t resonate as strongly with me personally. I found that it takes about 1-2h to fully digest and work through the weekly readings. I have been incredibly encouraged and challenged as I pray about how I can live a Gospel fluent life.

“formal training alone does not make one fluent. You become fluent through immersion in a gospel-speaking community and through ongoing practice. You have to know it, regularly hear it, and practice proclaiming it.” p.33
“You become like what you believe in” p.23
“The gospel of Jesus Christ changes you. And when it changes you, you talk about it” p.83
“But if we’re really honest at times it’s just so hard to believe that the gospel is the solution to every problem…” p.87
“There is good news and great help for absolutely everything in life in the person and work of Jesus Christ.” p.30


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